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Learn DIY bookkeeping, payroll, & invoicing taught by 1099 CRNAs! Save $1000’s a year!
Mentorship with Alesia Quante CRNA & Dr. Megan Conner CRNA makes it sooo easy!

  1. Never again wonder if all of your tax-reducing expenses were properly categorized!
  1. Develop an understanding of payroll and learn how easy it is to do on Quickbooks!
  1. Gain the skills of simple bookkeeping to feel confident in putting your tax reduction strategies to work!

✔ Don’t worry about needing to spend hours learning and managing your bookkeeping.

✔Once you enroll in the QuickBooks for 1099 Masterclass, you will be able to sign up for THREE INCLUDED 30 minute MENTORSHIPS with Megan, CRNA!

✔ After watching Dr Megan Conner teach 1099 CRNA tips and tricks, you’ll spend LESS THAN 20 minutes A MONTH to save tons of uncertainty waiting on others to do the work plus 1000s in tax deductions annually!

Mentorship by Megan

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel 100% confident that your QuickBooks is set up correctly?

  • Relieve your stress with Mentorship by Megan Connor CRNA . 
  • When a 1099 CRNA provides you with one-on-one help to set up your bookkeeping and payroll along with patient and thorough explanations, what seemed impossible becomes a snap!
  • Megan doesn’t just Educate: She motivates and shows you how to’s!! 
  • Join Megan on Zoom so that she can help you expedite your Quickbooks Payroll and Bookkeeping Setup. 
  • Don’t be held back by fear of the unknown! Let her mentor you so that you may reach your goals in a timely manner.  
  • Book a mentorship with Megan today!

Hear what recent CRNA enrollees in our growing community have to say about the QuickBooks for 1099 CRNAs Masterclass!

They can breathe easy now because they FINALLY are in control of their Payroll and QuickBooks!

Loved everything Megan taught us – she enjoys helping and it shows! She makes Quickbooks easy to learn since she’s used it as a 1099 CRNA for years, so I really trust the information. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to be better organized with expenses for their business.


I can see how this class will save me the stress of wondering what my business expenses will total… so I can be the judge of what my estimated taxes will be without waiting on my CPA!


Thanks to Alesia for offering Quickbooks for 1099 CRNAs in the online learning format to watch whenever I have the time! This is as awesome as the 1099 Freedom Masterclass and supplements it seamlessly!


I really enjoyed the course. I found it very helpful and now Quickbook s is less scary to me. I was so afraid I would go in and mess something up but she showed me you can delete just about anything or correct it. I also liked that she was so relatable. Megan seemed very easy going and was a friend trying to help a friend. Thank you for what all you are doing!

– Brittany T.

Don’t think twice.
All The Tools You Need To Fine-Tune Your Tax Savings — I think you provide a great service for us. I’ve used you QuickBooks payroll class with Megan and well worth it. Recommend it to everyone. You easily can learn to tinker with your salary to maximize your financial goals.

– Manny F, CRNA

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course delivered to allow me to watch at my convenience?

The course is on the Kajabi platform as well as on a Facebook educational group.

How do I get access to the Quickbooks for 1099 CRNA community in case I have a quick question?

You’ll automatically get access to the Quickbooks for 1099 CRNAs community to clarify your knowledge with others that have completed the course.

How quickly can I start saving money by having Diy Quickbooks know-how?

Immediately after taking the course, you can save on accounting expenses by categorizing your own transactions accurately without spending hours reviewing your accountant’s work! Never pay an extra penny in taxes when you learn how to use Quickbooks to categorize your transactions with ease.

After completing this course, will I be able to manage payroll myself with Quickbooks?

Absolutely, like a pro! Dr. Megan Conner and Alesia Quante will show you exactly how to set up and manage your 1099 CRNA payroll! You’ve got this!

When I sign up for One-on-One help with Megan, will she actually help me do the setup for my Payroll and Quickbooks? How will we get in touch?

Absolutely! When you enroll in QuickBooks for 1099 CRNAs Masterclass, you’ll get a Calendly link that will allow you to schedule a Zoom meeting with her at your convenience. Zoom screen-sharing will allow great engagement and clarity!

How can I obtain CME reimbursement from my employer in a way that is discreet about my future W-2 to 1099 plans?

To honor your privacy at your present W-2 position, we provide a receipt with discreet CME reimbursement documentation. The logo on the receipt says “Financial Success Academy”. The classes are called “CRNA Financial Freedom” which is the 1099 Freedom Masterclass and “CRNA investments” which is the QuickBooks for 1099 CRNA’s.

In order to request a discreet receipt you must email paris@1099successacademy.com

Don’t wait! Save your time, worry, and money when you take the one-and-only course teaching Quickbooks for 1099 CRNAs. Take control of your financial life today!

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1099 Success Academy Founder

Alesia Quante has been a CRNA for 22 years, and for the last 21 has enjoyed the work/life balance offered by the 1099 CRNA lifestyle.

She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master’s in Health Sciences in the Anesthesia for Nurses program from the Medical University of South Carolina in December 2001.

Her 1099 practice locations have been in multiple hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and physicians offices on the east and west coasts of Florida as well as coastal and central Georgia. Over the last decade she was a 1099 chief CRNA at a GI center in Savannah, GA. There she guided the practice from an ACT to a thriving independent CRNA-only staff.

Throughout her career, Alesia has helped CRNA‘s control their schedule, earnings, and savings by teaching them how to transition from W2 to 1099. In 2020, Alesia launched the 1099 Success Academy to teach CRNAs Practice Management with her AANA accredited “1099 Freedom Masterclass”.

Alesia states, “It is my goal and honor to guide fellow CRNA’s to what I believe to be the most auspicious CRNA lifestyle. As a result of my tenure as a 1099 CRNA, I have been in complete control of my schedule, purchased benefits for a competitive rate, set my pay rate by negotiating independently, saved much more in my retirement account than I otherwise would have, not had to participate in workplace politics, and experienced many other freedoms associated with being a 1099 CRNA.”

Alesia was a live aboard sailor with her high school sweetheart husband for 22 years. She presently lives in Isle of Hope, Georgia with her husband and two teens.

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